• On July 22, 2023, ASCO Capital hosted an enlightening session on Land Valuation, conducted by the esteemed speaker, Er. Arvind Agrawal. With his impressive credentials as a Chartered Engineer, Registered Valuer, and Insolvency Professional, Mr. Agrawal shared profound insights with the gathering.
  • During the session, Mr. Agrawal delved into the fundamental concepts of Valuation, particularly focusing on Cost Price and Value. He adeptly explained the methodology to determine the market value of assets, providing the audience with valuable knowledge.
  • The speaker emphasized the importance of understanding various types of values, including Market Value, Distress Sale Value, Forced Sale Value, Government Value, and Net Present Value, among others. This comprehensive discussion broadened the attendees' understanding of different valuation scenarios.
  • Another significant aspect covered by Mr. Agrawal was the valuation of Leasehold properties for both Lesser and Lessee, shedding light on the complexities and nuances involved in such assessments.
  • Furthermore, the session touched upon the TNCP Act, which pertains to Town and Country Planning, offering practical insights and real-life implications of the Act.
  • The interactive nature of the event made it even more enriching, as the audience actively participated, showering the speaker with insightful questions. Overall, the session on Land Valuation by Er. Arvind Agrawal proved to be an invaluable learning experience, leaving the attendees empowered with knowledge to make informed decisions in the realm of valuation and property assessment.

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